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“I need building plans, but do I need a professional?”


If you are thinking of a new building project or altering or extending existing, then, most likely you will need building plans. However, the question you may be considering is, should I use an architect, or architectural services, or…..surely my builder will know someone who draws plans? You may wish to approach your friendly local …

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“Is my architect qualified?”


Be aware that terms such as “Architectural services”, “Architectural Consultant” and “Architectural Designer” do not necessarily mean that someone is a registered professional. Misuse of the title architect, is widespread, which is simply misleading to an unwary client. Whilst anyone can offer architectural services, only someone who has been registered with the Architect’s Registration Board (ARB) …

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“Aren’t architect’s fees expensive for small jobs?”


No – this is a bit of an urban myth, put about by non-professionals and some builders! Anybody offering similar services will have to cover the same ground and procedures, but often with less skill, experience and training than an architect. However, it is important that if you are getting quotes, you obtain them from …

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