Queens Hills Primary School

Case study for Queens Hills Primary School

Queens Hills Primary School is only the second brand new Primary School in Norfolk in 30 years and offers purpose-built accommodation for 315 pupils (expandable to 350) aged between five and eleven. Built for NCC Children’s Services, as the centre of a new village, the single-storey school spans 2000 sq m, and includes nine key stage 2 and key stage 1 classrooms,  as well as a nursery zone and a reception area.

Designed by Michael Spicer whilst a Principal at NPS, this project won a NAA Craftsmanship Award in the Category New Commercial Buildings completed in 2009. The Design Team, endeavoured to produce a building which enhances the educational experience of children. Stimulating and visually interesting teaching spaces, both inside and outside the classroom, and the inclusion of small learning environments and break-out space within the circulation areas for added flexibility, maximize the use of natural light, colour and space.