“Do I need Planning Permission?”

5The answer will depend on a number of factors:

  • The type of house you live in (regulations vary depending on whether the house is detached or attached).
  • If the property has been previously altered or extended (you may need permission).
  • If Permitted Development Rights have been removed (meaning that certain works that would otherwise have been permitted no longer are – you will need permission).
  • If the property is Listed or is on designated land (National Parks, the Broads, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, conservation areas,  World Heritage Sites – you will need permission).
  • Relation of the proposal to the highway. (if the proposal extends towards the highway, it is likely that it will need permission).
  • If you live in a flat. (Flats do not have Permitted Development Rights and therefore any extensions would require planning permission).

How do I make a Planning Application and who do I make it to?

This can be a daunting prospect unless you seek professional help and RSA can assist you with this process having prepared your plans. We are Smarter Planning Champions and our applications are made electronically through the Planning Portal, which is both efficient and saves you and the Local Authority time.

If you feel capable of undertaking the submission yourself, you will need to complete the necessary application forms and get together the supporting documents and requisite fee. Please also remember that you may require Building Regulations Approval even if you do not need Planning Permission.

…and if I don’t feel confident in submitting an application?

To save you time and anxiety, it is to your advantage to appoint an agent who has developed a good working relationship with the Local Authority (LA) knowing what they expect. RSA have long standing experience in negotiating the planning process and have a professional relationship with your LA and a thorough understanding of local planning policies.

How long does the Planning Application Process Take?

Once an application has been validated, the LA has 8 weeks to determine your householder planning application, and 13 weeks for anything larger. If the LA is unable to reach a decision within this time, you should receive written confirmation of an intention to extend the period of determination. If they fail to do so, you can appeal on the grounds of non-determination. However, this takes time (normally between 5 and 8 months for written representation appeals) and it may prove advantageous to negotiate an agreement with the LA. However, you should not have got to this position if you had taken sound, professional advice along the way.