“I need building plans, but do I need a professional?”

1If you are thinking of a new building project or altering or extending existing, then, most likely you will need building plans. However, the question you may be considering is, should I use an architect, or architectural services, or…..surely my builder will know someone who draws plans?

You may wish to approach your friendly local builder, who may include the cost of plans in his price, but the danger is that the plan drawer would be working for the builder and not you, and then who would you turn to for impartial advice on design and construction options, cost and quality, or if (heaven forbid) a dispute arises?

“A”rchitect comes before “B”uilder in the process and it is important that your brief and budget is fully understood and that plans and specifications are prepared first so that everything is included. Quotations can then be obtained on a ‘like for like’ basis from several builders to ensure that you spend your money wisely – after all, it is the cost of the project, not the fees, which is by far your largest expenditure.

To find out if you can benefit from our professional service we will happily give you an indication over the phone. Then, arrange to meet, obtain recommendations if necessary and if you are obtaining quotes from other architects, ensure they all have all been given the same information so that you can make an informed judgement.

Architects, will have studied for at least seven years, Chartered Architectural Technologists at least five, and bring together, not just thoughtful and creative ideas, but wide ranging practical, technical and specialist knowledge in designing and planning your project. We understand the planning and building control process and can guide you efficiently from start to finish advising on costs, other specialists, construction options and project management – and, to allow you to sleep peacefully, we have full Professional Indemnity Insurance in excess of our services to you.

An architect or CIAT member adds value by helping your project run smoothly, achieve the expected quality, remain on programme and budget – we might even save you money “if you did it this way”.  We will be impartial in dealing with the builder and be able to see things you may have not considered and suggest more appropriate options better suited to your needs.

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